What's the tEA?

Get into this tea! Matcha Dreams is a Green Tea, emollient-rich, film-forming humectant product line that is perfect for those with high or low porosity, high dense hair. Each product was formulated to help strengthen, repair, protect & grow your natural hair. Not only will these products remind you of some of your favorite tea drinks, but it will also serve a tremendous benefit to your hair & scalp. This line has products rich in plant based proteins, lipids, Vitamin D, Antioxidants & more.

**Please note, Film Forming Humectants are perfect for Winter, High Humid or Dry Dew Points. Emollients serve as a sealant or barrier from moisture coming out/toxins coming in. Heavy Emollients are best for high dense or high porosity hair. If you are using a heavy emollient in your hair care regime and may have low porosity or low dense hair, be sure to follow up with a clarifying shampoo twice a month.